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EU has new rules to manage investor-state disputes

The European Union has a new set of rules to manage disputes under investment agreements with its trading partners. This is a building block towards a common EU investment policy, as the new rules create the internal framework for managing future investor-state disputes. Under the Treaty of Lisbon, investment became part of the EU Common

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The Port of Rotterdam will be founder-partner of what could become the largest private port in Brazil

The port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, will be the partner of what could become the largest private port in Brazil, according to a report published by the Brazilian newspaper “Valor Econômico”. The Central Port of President Kennedy will be built on the south coast of the Espírito Santo state and will receive investments of

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Direct Investment of BRICs in Europe reaches record heights

  Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) in Europe from the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) reached a record high in 2013. China led among the BRIC countries with the number of investments, with 153 FDI projects and 7,135 jobs being created. Then follow India (103 projects), Russia (44 projects) and Brazil (13 projects). The statistics come

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Strategic partnership Brazil and the European Union

The European Union in Numbers

Brazil in Numbers