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The 27 future European Commissioners had only few days to prepare themselves for auditions in the European Parliament, which they will have to submit, starting on Monday, 29/09. The exercise is a real rite of passage for future European “ministers”. If they fail, simply they will be sent back to their country of origin. On

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Viviane Reding official portraits

Former Vice-President of the EC and MEP Viviane Reding joins EUBrasil

MEP Viviane Reding, former Vice-President of the European Commission (EC) responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship of the European Union between 2010 and 2014, is the newest member of the group of parliamentarians who are part of the Association. With the addition of Ms Reding, EUBrasil now has 16 members of the European Parliament.

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Work in progress: what the Parliament will be focussing on the coming months

Back to work after the summer recess, the European Parliament has plenty in its in-tray: climate change, foreign policy, illegal immigration, refugees, the EU’s 2015 budget, scrutinising the new European Commission to be led by Jean-Claude Juncker… Although Juncker is in place as president-elect of the Commission and Federica Mogherini was proposed as the EU’s

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European Parliament approves new delegations for relations with Brazil and Mercosur

The names of MEPs to sit in Parliament’s interparliamentary delegations, which maintain relations and exchange information with parliaments in non-EU countries, were approved in a plenary vote on Thursday. For the new legislative term, Parliament will have 44 interparliamentary delegations, including a new one for relations with Brazil, as well as the one to Mercosur.

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European Parliament

Parliament elects Jean-Claude Juncker as Commission President

With 422 votes in favour, the European Parliament elected Jean-Claude Juncker in a secret ballot on 15 July as President of the new European Commission to take office on 1 November 2014 for a five year term. The minimum number of votes required was 376. For the first time in the history of the EU,

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Members elect chairs and vice-chairs of parliamentary committees

After the election of a President, Vice-Presidents and Quaestors of the European Parliament in Strasbourg last week, parliamentary committees convened on Monday in Brussels to elect chairpersons and their deputies for next two and a half years. Legislative work of the European Parliament is done in 20 standing committees and two sub-committees. Each committee elects

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New European Parliament may be the weakest in recent years

  Andrés Malamud, University of Lisbon   A Parliament made up of 20 members? Such is the Andean Community’s. Each of the four member states sends five MPs to the Parliament’s venue in Bogotá, Colombia. Apart from lacking demographic proportionality, the body falls short of any meaningful competences – whether legislative, economic or political. Compare

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Credit © European Union, 2014

European Parliament Elections: Democratic Deficit and Overdose of Demagogy

The white smoke rising from the European Parliament’s chimney signalized the dynamics of the anti-EU and anti-elite forces. The election process confirmed the predictions of a large abstention rate almost everywhere. The 57% of EU citizens who didn’t vote represent, in a certain way, the “lack of ideas party”.   The analysis from Franco Perroni,

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EU election: analysts minimize eurosceptic and nationalist rise, reports BBC

Márcia Bizzotto From Brussels to BBC Brasil The European Parliament (EP) elections, held from 22 to 25 May in 28 countries of the European Union (EU), may mark a historic rise of Nationalist and Eurosceptic parties. According to polls, they could reach nearly 30% of the 751 seats in the Parliament. Analysts interviewed by BBC

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European Union holds elections to choose new 751 MEPs

The European Parliament elections start on Thursday (22 May), with the first votes coming from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Until next Sunday (25 May), voters of all 28 Member States of the European Union will elect 751 new europarliamentarians for the legislature 2014-2019. For the first time, the European Parliament will also have

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