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New European Parliament may be the weakest in recent years

  Andrés Malamud, University of Lisbon   A Parliament made up of 20 members? Such is the Andean Community’s. Each of the four member states sends five MPs to the Parliament’s venue in Bogotá, Colombia. Apart from lacking demographic proportionality, the body falls short of any meaningful competences – whether legislative, economic or political. Compare

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Credit © European Union, 2014

European Parliament Elections: Democratic Deficit and Overdose of Demagogy

The white smoke rising from the European Parliament’s chimney signalized the dynamics of the anti-EU and anti-elite forces. The election process confirmed the predictions of a large abstention rate almost everywhere. The 57% of EU citizens who didn’t vote represent, in a certain way, the “lack of ideas party”.   The analysis from Franco Perroni,

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Strategic partnership Brazil and the European Union

The European Union in Numbers

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