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Aécio Neves pledges a deep reform of Mercosur

Deep reforms and opening Mercosur to the world will be proposed by Aécio Neves to the other full members of the bloc, if he is elected Brazil’s president on 26 October, says Rubens Barbosa, a trade expert, former ambassador in the US and currently coordinator of PSDB’s government program. “Neves will not accept other members

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Marina Silva proposes bilateral talks between Brazil and the European Union

Two important developments in Brazil’s presidential campaign are the current focus of discussions. A new poll by the Datafolha institute shows a draw between Marina Silva (PSB) and Dilma Roussef (PT), both with 34% of Brazilian voters’ preferences. On the same day, the Marina campaign released its government program, which could be described as a

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EU election: analysts minimize eurosceptic and nationalist rise, reports BBC

Márcia Bizzotto From Brussels to BBC Brasil The European Parliament (EP) elections, held from 22 to 25 May in 28 countries of the European Union (EU), may mark a historic rise of Nationalist and Eurosceptic parties. According to polls, they could reach nearly 30% of the 751 seats in the Parliament. Analysts interviewed by BBC

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European Union holds elections to choose new 751 MEPs

The European Parliament elections start on Thursday (22 May), with the first votes coming from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Until next Sunday (25 May), voters of all 28 Member States of the European Union will elect 751 new europarliamentarians for the legislature 2014-2019. For the first time, the European Parliament will also have

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Austerity and crisis steal the spotlight of the EU Commission President TV debate

The EU Commission President TV debate, held on the evening of 15 May and broadcast by Eurovision, had austerity as its central theme, according to news agency Euronews. The five candidates exposed the potential solutions for Europe to recover from the economic crisis and discussed about the negotiations for a free trade agreement with the

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Strategic partnership Brazil and the European Union

The European Union in Numbers

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