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EUBrasil launches “Friends of EUBrasil” – a networking event

The EUBrasil Association is to hold its first networking event on June 11th in Bruxelles. “Friends of EUBrasil” will bring together some of the key stakeholders involved in the relationship between Brazil and the European Union (EU). Representatives of the European Institutions, diplomats, business leaders and academics will be present at the event supported by

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The Brazil Business Summit – The Economist – Paris – 13 May 2014

EUBrasil is one of the partnership of The Brazil Business Summit, organised by The Economist in Paris – 13 May 2014. Since 2010 the Brazilian economy has slowed to about 2% growth per year. Inflation has risen, infrastructure projects have been delayed and in June 2013 mass protests broke out against poor services and corruption.

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NETmundial – 23 and 24 April 2014 – São Paulo, Brazil

EUBrasil and a delegation from ETNO, Europe’s leading trade association have attended the largest telecom operators, are participating in NetMundial, the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance. This event, organised by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee and /1Net, officially took place in 23 and 24 April and brought together approximately 800 participants

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Launch of the book “Enhancing the Brazil-EU Strategic Partnership: From the Bilateral and Regional to the Global” – CEPS – Brussels – 3 December 2013

Launch of the book “Enhancing the Brazil-EU Strategic Partnership: From the Bilateral and Regional to the Global”, from the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), with the participation of EuBrasil. The authors are Michael Emerson and Renato Flores with contributions from other authors including some academic members of EUBrasil. More information at the CEPS website.

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Events Archive 2009-2013

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