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24 MEPs are now members of EUBrasil

Number of MEPs who are EUBrasil members increased to 24, from 16 at the end of August. The most recent memberships were signed by Francisco Assis, president of Delegation for Relations with Mercosur, Carlos Zorrinho, vice-president of Delegation for Relations with Brazil, both from Portugal, and by Lambert Van Nistelrooij, from Netherlands, showing that the

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Challenges of Dilma Rousseff’s new mandate in a divided country

The ballot boxes have spoken. Dilma won. Narrowly but won. The democratic rule will be respected because Brazil proved to be a great democracy, despite an election campaign marked by insults. The problem in any democracy is that the minority must submit to the majority. However, when the result is so narrow the majority starts

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EUBrasil confident in the new Dilma’s mandate and hopes for more Brazil in Europe and more Europe in Brazil

EUBrasil Association is confident that the team of the re-elected president has enough experience to make the robust changes in economic and monetary policies needed in order to ensure greater credibility for both domestic and foreign investors. The association hopes for more Brazil in Europe and more Europe in Brazil. The president of EUBrasil, Luigi

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EUBrasil: The Brazilian elections decided… little

It was Dilma Rousseff who won in a tough victory (51,64% against 48,36%), but nothing compared to the complicated governance that lies ahead and the little leeway to change the status quo, writes Professor Andrés Malamud, PhD by University of Lisbon and member of the EUBrasil Association. Dilma Rousseff managed to have herself re-elected and

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EUBrasil will present proposals to improve relations between Brazil and EU to European Commission

The document is the result of a survey conducted by the Association with the top 100 European and Brazilian companies with businesses between Brazil and EU Since the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker to the European Commission’s presidency, EUBrasil Association has initiated a survey among the largest European and Brazilian companies with investments and trade between

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Neck & neck Brazil presidential race casts doubts on Mercosur, BRICS

Author: Mauricio Savarese, Russia Today Neither Rousseff nor Neves want to give away much of what they intend to do if victorious. But the president’s closest allies have given hints. Rousseff’s foreign advisor Marco Aurélio Garcia says“South America is a big asset” and insists Mercosur – the region’s free trade zone – must be strong

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How digital can unlock the trillions-euro opportunity

The opportunities of re-launching Europe’s digital sector are huge. The industry can play its part with fruitful and positive collaboration. But much can and should be done by promoting a new, modern wave of digital policies, writes Luigi Gambardella. Luigi Gambardella is Chairman of the European Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO). The new European Commission President,

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Foreign policy, policy of Brazil

The choice between Aécio and Dilma is also a decision about what role the country should play in the world By Cristina Soreanu Pecequilo, Professor of International Relations at Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP) and member of Grupo de Reflexão sobre Relações Internacionais (GR-RI) One of the most famous statements on foreign policy during

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Aécio Neves pledges a deep reform of Mercosur

Deep reforms and opening Mercosur to the world will be proposed by Aécio Neves to the other full members of the bloc, if he is elected Brazil’s president on 26 October, says Rubens Barbosa, a trade expert, former ambassador in the US and currently coordinator of PSDB’s government program. “Neves will not accept other members

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An election hard to predict the winner

Journalist Richard Lapper, director of Financial Times’ Latam Confidential, has presented an analysis of the presidential elections in Brazil during an event offered by EUBrasil Association at the European Parliament in Brussels. “A very unclear outcome at this point of the presidential elections in Brazil. Very competitive. A quite important election for all sorts of

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