EU-Brazil cooperation on internet governance and ICT issues

ict-commFollowing revelations of large-scale Internet surveillance Brazil and the EU have become actively involved in the global debate on internet governance. Since early 2014 cyber policy has become part of the agenda of the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership. The two have agreed on the need for support for inclusive and transparent internet governance based on a multistakeholder governance model, and are moving forward on a number of related bilateral initiatives in the 2015-2017 Joint Action Plan. In 2014, Brazil hosted the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on Future Internet Governance (NETMundial) which established principles on internet governance endorsed by both the EU and Brazil. These encompass inclusiveness, legitimacy, accountability, and global public interest. As a move towards greater independence of digital flows between Latin America and the Europe, the Brazilian government and the EU are developing a project to establish a public-private partnership to lay a submarine fibre-optic cable across the Atlantic Ocean, from Fortaleza (Ceará, Brazil) to Lisbon (Portugal).

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Source: EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service

Author: Elena Lazarou