image1The EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström announced the New Trade Strategy “Trade for All” in a meeting that is part of an ongoing process of Civil Society Dialogue (CSD) on EU trade policy.

The strategy aims to adapt trade policy to the economic reality of a deeply interconnected world economy. It also seeks to open up negotiations to increased public scrutiny and to ensure that EU trade policy is in line with the EU’s fundamental values. A range of initiatives were announced under the headings of effectiveness, transparency, values, and the EU’s programme of negotiations.

The main goal of international agreements is to increase economic growth. The commissioner stressed that the European Commission will pursue negotiations for an ambitious, balanced and comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Mercosur.

“To put Trade for All principles into practice, we will be working hard on completing the current TTIP, Japan, China and Mercosur negotiations”, said Malmström.

Earlier this week

The Minister of Development, Industry and Trade (MDIC), Armando Monteiro, announced that the exchange of trade offers between Mercosur and the European Union (EU) will occur no later than the end of November.

“We made the last technical meeting preceding the start of the exchange offer. We have already requested Cecilia Malmström, for a meeting at ministerial level”, said Monteiro according to government officials sources.

The exchange of offers is the initial step towards a free trade agreement between the two blocs, where each side presents the list of products that may have zeroed tariffs and taxes in a business relationship between the countries. This step is essential for the deal to be closed.

To see the new Strategy “Trade for All” click here.