Brazil and European Union announced funding five advanced research projects in ICT

Source: Ministry of Science, Technology and Information ( MCTI )

Selected among 38 proposals by MCTI and the RNP with the European Commission , they will receive a total of R $ 22.1 million in the 3rd Call Coordinated BR -EU in Information and Communication Technologies.

The Ministry of Science , Technology and Innovation ( MCTI ) and the National Network of Education and Research (RNP ), together with the European Commission, selected five projects to receive, in total, R $ 22.1 million under the 3rd Call BR- coordinated EU in Information and Communication Technologies ( ICT). They bring together 49 institutions, of which 23 Brazilian and 26 European – 24 universities, 17 companies and eight research centers. Aimed at realization of joint projects between institutions of both parties, the notice received 38 projects.

The same value (about 7 million) will be allocated by the EU to European participants in projects totaling more than R $ 44 million for promotion. In the alternative, the 3rd call will include the improvement of Fibre2 experimental platform (Research and Experimentation in Future Internet, its acronym in English), which may support the chosen proposals.

In recent years, Brazil and the European Union have narrowed the ties of cooperation in science and technology by launching joint calls for advanced research and development projects in the area of information and communication technologies. This is the third stage of this cooperation. The two previous coordinated calls were launched in 2010 and 2012.