The numbers of the Brazilian trade balance in July registered a 52.2% increase over July last year, with a surplus of US $ 2.379 billion – The trade balance of the month is a result of exports of US $ 18.526 billion and imports of US $ 16.147 billion, according to the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) released this week.

From January to July this year, despite registering a surplus of US $ 4.6 billion, both exports (US $ 112.85 billion) and imports (US $ 108.25 billion) fell compared to the same period in the last 4 years.

In the period January-July 2011-2015, the average of exports fell gradually and decreased from US $ 140.55 billion to $ 112.85 billion. Imports had a higher variation in those four years, but in 2015 recorded their lowest level.

Markets and Products

This year also saw a fall exports to the European Union (-19.3%), Asia (-18.2% and -19.4% for China) and Mercosur (-16.1% and – 11.2% for Argentina).

For imports the volume of purchases coming European Union declined (-18.5%), Mercosur (-23.4% and 21.9% for Argentina), United States (-20%), and Asia (-12.8% and 7.4% in China).

The main countries of destination of exports from January to July were China (US $ 22.6 billion), United States (US $ 14.2 billion), Argentina (US $ 7.7 billion), the Netherlands (US $ 5.9 billion) and Germany (US $ 3.3 billion). And the main countries of origin of imports were China (US $ 20.0 billion), United States (US $ 16.7 billion), Argentina (US $ 6.4 billion), Germany (US $ 6.4 billion) and South Korea (US $ 3.6 billion).

In 2015, exports of basic products (-21.7%), manufacturing (-9.4%) and semi-manufactured goods (-5.9%) fell compared to the same period 2014.