The customs union of Mercosur so far not got off the ground with their Common External Tariffs and exception rules. The number 48º of Summit, that took place last week in Brasilia, confirmed the block in the “world of make believe.” Teacher’s opinion Andres Malamud, political scientist at the University of Lisbon and member of EUBrasil, which carries the member states to the stage of a theater.

If Mercosur summits were plays, the last one would have been a huge success.

Three themes were discussed: intra-zone barriers, extra-regional negotiations and the entry of Bolivia. In each of them, the decision oscillated between farce and tragedy.

Regarding intra-zone barriers, the block has defined an “Action Plan”. In the words of the Paraguayan foreign minister this plan consists of “a survey to find out what are those barriers that somehow hinder Mercosur’s domestic trade. It’s goal is to put on the table the current state of these tariff and non-tariff standards “. In other words: leaders decided to study the issue. Congratulations.

As for the extra-regional negotiations, the majority alliance between Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay was defeated by Argentina. Miracle of “mercosurinas” mathematics. The bloc decided to negotiate jointly with the EU, in other words, not to wake up. Those who wanted to advance each at their own speed ended up falling behind.

Lastly, the entry of Bolivia consisted in re-signing the Protocol that had been approved in December 2012. Given that at the time Paraguay had been suspended, it required that all members sign the document again to be ratified by its congress. However, half of the national parliaments have not yet ratified the Protocol and it is not being scheduled for discussion in the Brazilian Congress. Contrary to what the newspapers reported all over the world, Bolivia is therefore not a yet a full member of the bloc.

Mercosur remains the most successful regional organization in the world of fairy tales.