Who knows what ‘Maracanazo’ means?

The Uruguayans sure do! Today (16/07) they celebrate the 65th year since their victory against Brazil (2 – 1) in the 1950 FIFA World Cup Final in the fabled Maracanã stadium. Alcides Ghiggia, an ex-player, now 88 years old, still lives near Montevideo and was the author of the second goal which gave the victory to Uruguay.

Franco Perroni is EUBrasil’s Head of Institutional Relations with the European Parliament and despite being son of Brazilian father and representing Brazilian interests in Brussels, shows off his talents as a songwriter and writes a short samba. Flavio Maciel de Souza and Sergio Bastos play the samba which was  written in tribute to the Maracanazo. Enjoy! It’s quite nice!