Brazil wants to review Mercosur “liberty” rules and sends a strong public message to Argentina, says Merco Press

Foto: DivulgaçãoBrazil has proposed reviewing Mercosur rules so that its members can enjoy more ‘liberty’ to negotiate trade agreements with other blocks or third parties.

“There is nothing in the world that reaches such a point that impedes making adjustments and giving countries, such as Brazil a greater degree of liberty to advance in new trade agreements with other countries or blocks”, said Armando Monteiro, Development, Industry and Foreign Trade minister during a hearing at the Foreign Affairs committee from the Lower House in Brasilia, according to Mercopress.

Mercosur rules thwart its members from negotiating trade agreements with third parties individually and request (obligatorily) that discussions should be taken in group.

Monteiro remarked that this rule is one of the principal barriers for negotiations on trade and cooperation between the EU and Mercosur are paralyzed for more than 10 years. The minister also revealed that there have been ongoing differences with Argentina regarding, the exchange with the EU, of joint proposals for tariff reductions, as reported by Merco Press.

“We want to send a clear strong signal, particularly to Argentina, of the urgency to reach a trade agreement with the European Union”, underlined Monteiro. “If Argentina has different rhythm timings, we must find mechanisms to advance in that process respecting the position of the block, but also guaranteeing the different timing of each member”.

Monteiro admited that the economic situation of Brazil is very fragile and demands an urgent expansion of foreign trade, so the country can re-launch growth and strong development, which are the targets of President Dilma Rousseff’s administration.

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