Spain suggests a “pragmatic” option to EU-Mercosur agreement, says Valor Econômico

The Spanish government explicitly suggested a “pragmatic” option for negotiations between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur: look up for a direct agreement with Brazil and other countries of the Southern Cone block, according to Brazilian financial daily Valor Econômico.

In Madrid, in a meeting of entrepreneurs, and next to the vice president of Brazil, Michel Temer, the Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, has indicated that if there is no progress in negotiations, the option would be what happened with the Andean Community.

“In that case, the EU has opted for agreements with Peru and Colombia, that have already been done”, said Garcia-Margallo. “If Mercosur-EU fails, and the panorama of Mercosur is more heterogeneous, we will probably go for a more pragmatic approach,” said the minister, emphasizing that this would be very important for Spain and Brazil.

According to the newspaper, the minister believes that the EU must reaffirm its positions in Latin America in a scenario where the United States renewed its agenda on the region at the Summit of the Americas, earlier this month.