XXII Forum Brazil-Europe discusses partnership in the world politics with the support of EUBrasil

Forum Brasil EuropaBrazil and the European Union – Partners in World Politics is the main theme of the XXII Forum Brazil-Europe organised by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in cooperation with the Brazilian Parliamentary Group for EU-Brazil Relations, the Delegation of the European Union to Brazil, the University of Brasília, and with support of EUBrasil and InfoRel. The event is held this Tuesday (17/03) in Brasília.

The Forum aims to debate how the partnership between the European Union and Brazil is developing on issues related to global politics, such as economy, environment, education, science, technology and internet security. The event will also address how Brazil and EU are maintaining their political ties, ensuring shared rules and seeking common strategies in order to meet global demands.

The event starts at 9am and is divided into four panels: Brazil and the European Union – Partners in World Politics; Economy and the environment; Global Spaces transformed by Education, Science and Technology; and Brazil and Europe – Cyberspace Governance and Virtual Democracy.

About 200 delegates, among politicians, academics and representatives of international organisations are confirmed.

EUBrasil will be represented by the director of European Affairs Enrico Ponzone at the debate on economy and the environment.

Mr Ponzone will present details of the study “Enhancing economic and financial ties between Brazil and the European Union” that has been conducted by EUBrasil with the main European and Brazilian companies, where CEOs pointed out what are the main barriers to the development of trade relations between the two regions.

In the research, the companies have highlighted the complicated process for approval of environmental licenses as one of the main problems for the development of businesses in Brazil. With regards to the EU, the CEOs have mentioned the high costs of energy and the negative climate in Europe for investment in biofuels as some of the main issues.

The members of the European Parliament Francisco Assis, who is also a member of EUBrasil, and Paulo Rangel , president of the Delegation for relations with Brazil, participate in the debate that will examine Brazil and EU’s core values and how their relationship will develop in the next decades.

Along with Cristina Russo, director-general at the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation, Paulo Rangel MEP will also participate in the discussion on education, science and technology in the global spaces.

Cyberspace governance and virtual democracy is the theme of the last debate of the day, with the participation of Augusto de Albuquerque, Counsellor for the Information Society and Media.

As the organiser of the Forum Brazil-Europe, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation acts as a mediator and promoter of relations between the European Union and Brazil.