Fernando Ruas, MEP and EUBrasil Parliamentary Member, asks EC intentions on trade agreement with Mercosur

PTPortuguese Member of European Parliament (MEP) Fernando Ruas, as a member of the International Trade Committee (INTA) at the European Parliament, has written to ask “formally” to the European Commission what is the institution’s position on the recent statements by Brazil’s Minister of Development, Industry and Trade, Armando Monteiro Neto, that the country wants to deepen its trade relations with the US, the Pacific Alliance countries and the EU.

Writing to the European Commission, the MEP recalls that the Brazilian minister’s statements correspond with president Dilma Rousseff’s declaration made in last November on the same issue.

Fernando Ruas also asks if the EC is considering move forward with a bilateral trade agreement exclusively with Brazil “or with Mercosur countries that feel they are ready to move forward”. The MEP stresses that the recent Agreement with the Andean Community became eventually an agreement with Colombia and Peru.

The questions sent by the MEP to the EC were as follows:

1. What is your position on this strong and renewed will shown by Brazil to resume the agreements with the Mercosur?

2. Are you considering the possibility of moving forward with a trade agreement exclusively with Brazil or any other Mercosur countries that feel ready to move forward (using as a precedent the recent agreement with the Andean Community that was eventually an agreement with Colombia and Peru, which now want Ecuador to join the group again), giving up the preferred multilateral approach that we strongly advocated for our trade agreements?

As part of the European institutions’ democratic process, MEPs can put questions to the European Commission or to the Council on current issues. Both institutions have a 8-week deadline to reply to the MEPs. You can find the European Parliament process on the link: