Increasing Brazil’s exports is priority for the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade

Minister Armando Monteiro. Photo: Portal Brasil

Minister Armando Monteiro. Photo: Portal Brasil

Armando Monteiro Neto, Brazil’s new minister of Development, Industry and Trade (MDIC in portuguese), aims to announce soon a strengthening plan of a Brazilian exporters board, composed of the main business groups in the country.

Minister Armando Monteiro Neto intends to strengthen the participation of the National Exports Council (Conex in portuguese), where Brazil’s main supply chains and business bodies will be represented. In addition, the minister is preparing to launch, in the next 30 days, a National Plan of Exports, which will work to highlight the potential of each Brazilian state. The minister’s statements were made during an interview to the website of political analysis Brasil 247, funded by the Workers Party.

The article points out that Armando Monteiro took over this position at a time when Brazil’s exports are once again at the centre of the national agenda since after 14 years the country is again on a trade deficit. The minister says that with the currency exchange rate and possible stimulus for the sector, Brazil may return to work with strong superavit in the next years. “We do need incentives and a new agenda of competitiveness for all Brazilian exports sectors”. Armando Monteiro says that this policy would not be in contradiction with the adjustments advocated by Minister of Finance Joaquim Levy. “We all agree that adjustments are necessary but they should not have a paralyzing effect”.

Armando Monteiro Neto also says that Brazil should use the US recover after the crisis as an opportunity to increase exports, while still working with the Mercosur. “The US are out of the crisis, they are benefiting by the oil prices fall and clearly want to strengthen the relations with Brazil. Last year alone, Brazil’s machinery and equipment exports to the US increased by 23%”.

He highlights that MDIC and Brazil’s Foreign Ministry will work “with a good understanding and the same focus: a diplomacy of results”. He says that Brazil would not need to negotiate a bilateral trade agreement with the US. “The tariffs are already low. We need to remove no-tariff barriers and restore ties of trust”, concludes the minister.