The Malmström legacy: Human rights or corporate colonialism?

euranetEUBrasil Association participates in a programme produced by Euranet Plus on the role of the trade relations between European Union and Latin America in the economic and political progress.

EUBrasil reaffirms on the programme “The Malmström legacy: Human rights or corporate colonialism?”, by the Euranet Plus network, the need for the European Union and Latin America to establish a trade relation based on exchange, with both sides working to complement what lacks for the other. “Compliment is the key word for both sides. For instance, Europe has a deficiency in animal protein products, while Brazil and Argentina are the main producers. On the Brazilian side, Europe could supply advanced and cheaper technology, says Samla Da Rosa Mesquita, EUBrasil spokeswoman.

The programme highlights that the EU advocates the use of trade relations as a tool for economic improvement, as well as strengthening democracies around the world. However, the programme says, former colonies see Europe with suspicion when it comes to trade.

With the participation of representatives of European and Latin American organisations, the programme argues that the EU should use its economic muscle to advance an agenda of equality and human rights in countries with which it has trade relations. Civil organisations from Latin America argue that free trade agreements do not work as European companies do not apply the same code of conduct used in Europe in other countries.

The programme asks whether with Cecilia Malmström as the European Commissioner for Trade, Europe’s legacy will be the advance of human rights or the rise of a corporate colonialism.

Watch the full programme here: