Brazil and EU discuss issues on Intellectual Property

Brazil and EU representatives will resume discussions on intellectual property with another stage of bilateral dialogue, which will be held in Brussels on the second half next year. Intellectual property has been one of the main areas of cooperation under the EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership initiated in 2007. EU and Brazil have been holding annual meetings since 2008 on the subject.

The Dialogue Brazil-EU on Intellectual Property is of great importance for the cultural and entertainment sectors. In a statement sent to EUBrasil Association, the Motion Picture Association Brazil, which represents the six main film studios in the world, and as an organisation that encourages and disseminates the message about the importance of intellectual property protection globally, recognises and reinforces the importance of the Dialogue Brazil-EU.

“In this context, it is to be borne in mind that intellectual property drives innovative production through specific rights of creators and workers in their supply chain. The result of innovation, essentially intangible, finds in the intellectual property its protection and propulsion. The national economy competitiveness is directly and intrinsically based on its ability to create and innovate”, says MPA Brazil.

Representatives of the Intellectual Property and Public Procurement Unit at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Trade and the Intellectual Property Division of the Economic Department at Brazil’s Foreign Ministry met in Brasilia, last week, to discuss topics such as trademarks, geographical indications, copyright and patents, as well as issues related to administration and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

The time of registration of patents and trademarks in Brazil was also a subject discussed in the meeting. Brazilian representatives acknowledged that this is a problem that needs to be resolved so that the objectives in common with the European Union are successfully developed.

Patent and trademark examinations with INPI (Brazil’s National Industrial Property Institute) can take considerable time (several years) but INPI resources and staffing levels are being increased to speed up the process. Brazil is also developing a register of Geographical Indications under INPI, which already contains dozens of products from Brazil and other countries, including some EU GIs.
From 2013 INPI has introduced changes facilitating the recognition of ‘marca de renome’ (famous brands), which will benefit from enhanced protection.