José Inácio Faria MEP joins EUBrasil

Jose Inacio Faria EUBrasil welcomes Portuguese José Inácio Faria MEP. Member of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, Faria is also a member of the Delegation for Relations with the countries of Central America and the Delegation to the Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly. He signed EUBrasil membership on 13/11, when he also gave this interview to the association.

EUBrasil – What are your reasons to join EUBrasil?
José Inácio Faria – First of all, I am a great apologist for the relationship between Europe and Brazil and EUBrasil will have my full support at the European Parliament. My main interest is bringing the two regions together, even more than it has been done so far.

EUBrasil- What will be necessary to strengthen a common agenda between the two regions?
JIF- Brazil has a project agreement with the EU, but that agreement has been set aside because the EU has ended up giving priority to other partnerships with Asia and with the United States. This has been done in a way I think is wrong. We must return to the initial path and resume the partnership with Brazil in different areas. We can not deny that Brazil is a regional power and important to Europe.

EUBrasil – What are the challenges to improve the cooperation between Brazil and the EU?
JIF – Brazil and EU have their own mechanisms and technical standards. We are talking here about many areas, not only economic. Of course we need to find a balance in the cooperation between these two giants, we have to overcome these challenges. The EU’s Latin countries have a duty to boost the dialogue between these two economic partners. Brazil is important to Europe and vice versa.

EUBrasil – What the European Parliament can do to help?
JIF – Every one of us, MEPs, have areas of activities, interventions, represented by committee and delegations. The themes are diverse and include even linguistics. For instance, the Portuguese is one of the four main languages in the Americas, with more than 200 million speakers. This could be a way to work to support the language. Together with other two MEPs we are participating in the launch of a work group with the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) countries, which includes Brazil. I believe that with these synergies, all of us Latin MEPs may eventually attract attention to Brazil. There are many initiatives which can be used, such as presentations of products, ideias, projects.

EUBrasil – How important for the two regions is it to work together and face a highly competitive market?
JIF – Europe can not be isolated from the world. We do have really strict imports and exports, services and products rules, but we have to be open to other markets, undoubtedly South America and especially Brazil. We must defend this reciprocity Brazil-Portugal, Brazil-Europe. For us Portuguese, this is a historical relationship, we are brothers and could not be otherwise.