Foreign policy, policy of Brazil

The choice between Aécio and Dilma is also a decision about what role the country should play in the world

By Cristina Soreanu Pecequilo, Professor of International Relations at Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP) and member of Grupo de Reflexão sobre Relações Internacionais (GR-RI)

One of the most famous statements on foreign policy during elections is that the issue is not decisive. Although it is almost impossible to disagree with this, the same is not complete as detaches the international relations agenda from the project of State and society that a country aims to build and from its public policy character. The way a nation defines its internal priorities can not be separate from how it acts in the world, with a strong interdependence between them: social justice, economic models, national identity, pride, autonomy and assertiveness. So when voting for a particular project of State, we can not ignore that it proposed an internal vision with impact on foreign policy.

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