Candidate EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström under the spotlight as EP hearings begins.

ceciliaMercosur: The commissioner Cecilia Malmström did not mention spontaneously Latin America: only after being questioned by the Spanish Rodrigues –Piñero Fernandez. Malmström says: It would be fantastic, but Latin America is a protected market.

TTIP: Malmström commented that member states have the tendency to treat all trade agreements as “mixed agreements” and expects that the TTIP to be a “mixed agreement”.
She is “amazed” at how TTIP has been discussed. “We need to get the deal right so substance over timing”; “level of current protection will not and cannot be lowered”; “there is a strategic dimension to the regulatory work” on TTIP to help set the global benchmark; ISDS – have to have full transparency to ensure that ISDS cannot be used to inhibit the public interest”.

China: About the Free Trade Agreement, she says, “that is a long way down the line”.

CETA: Malmström lauds the Commission’s efforts in the CETA with Canada to find “a new way to address” investor-state disputes, “, to make sure that there will be no frivolous claims”.