bt-focus-europe-2The 27 future European Commissioners had only few days to prepare themselves for auditions in the European Parliament, which they will have to submit, starting on Monday, 29/09. The exercise is a real rite of passage for future European “ministers”. If they fail, simply they will be sent back to their country of origin. On Friday, 19/09, the Parliament sent each of them an initial list of written questions that “Le Monde newspaper” had access to.

According to Le Monde, in the case of French Pierre Moscovici, who should inherit the coveted position of European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, the MEPs want to know “what guarantees of independence [he] is able to give to the Parliament and can he guarantee that nothing in his past, present or future activities will damage the credibility of its commitment as commissioner? ”

MEPs will also ask him, said Le Monde, “how the Commission will apply the new rules of the Stability Pact for countries with excessive budget imbalances that have not met their annual goals?”These issues are directly related to the controversy aroused by his nomination. Mr Moscovici will be responsible for controlling European public budgets, while France once again announced that it would not achieve its goal of a public deficit below 3% of GDP in 2015.

Another future Commissioner, still according the newspaper, British Jonathan Hill will be asked about Banking Union, the rescue mechanism of the banking sector, which regards only to eurozone countries, and establishes a form of financial regulation Members. The deputies will ask him: “What is your assessment of the banking union and what steps should be taken to complete it ”

Even more controversial, tells the article, Spanish Miguel Arias Canete, future head of climate and energy, will try to silence critics, and will respond, among others, the following question: “How will you ensure the quality of their proposals and full transparency about the lobbying activities? “.

45 questions and tree-hour hearing

The most difficult part is the “audience” part, in the opinion of the commissioners; they are concerned about how to properly replicate the oral questions, in addition to written questions. According to a source in the Parliament, there will be 45 questions, 15 for the conservative group [majority in the Parliament], ten for the Social Democrats, and the rest to other parties. MEPs will have one minute to ask their questions, and the future commissioners will have three minutes to respond. The marathon will last a total of three hours.