Special Analysis: Overview of the EU startup environment

StartupWordCloudEUBrasil publishes an article about the environment of startups within the European Union in the B.BICE+ newsletter, an international consortium funded by the European Commission that intends to enhance cooperation in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation between Europe and Brazil.

The article “Overview of the EU startup environment” draws attention to the importance of both entrepreneurship and support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the EU’s program of research and innovation, Horizon 2020. It is based on the fact that SMEs account for 99% of companies in Europe, while also being responsible for two thirds of employment. The article’s author is Britta Thomsen, collaborator with EUBrasil, assistant professor at the Copenhagen Business School and a former Member of the European Parliament.

The text is an extract from the bimonthly newsletter (July/August) of the B.BICE+ as well as being a part of the cooperative partnership with EUBrasil. The general theme is that of new startups in the European Union and in Brazil.

In the same newsletter the following article can also be found: “Overview of the Brazilian Startup Environment: New Strategies for IT and Growth”, along with news and analysis of the B.BICE+’s activities to develop science, technology and innovation.

In addition, the publication presents the results of the call for European participation in the EU-Brazil Technology and Innovation Forum & Tour of Brazil (22nd-25th September 2014). Another call was recently issued for Brazilian innovation agents interested in reuniting with European candidates selected for the B2B meeting.

Read more on the B.BICE+ website: http://www.b-Bice-plus.eu/newsletter

About B.BICE+
B.BICE+ is an international consortium funded by the European Commission that aims to boost cooperation in the areas of science, technology and innovation between Europe and Brazil. The project is coordinated by the Institute of Research for Development (IRD-France) and relies on the participation of Brazilian and European institutions: University of Brasilia (UnB-Brazil), National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq-Brazil), National Association of Entities Promoting Development of Advanced Technologies (Anprotec-Brazil), Project Management Agency in the German Aerospace Centre (Pt-Dlr-Germany) and Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas/ Help-Forward (Forth-Greece).

About EUBrasil
The EUBrasil Association, based in Brussels, is the only private networking platform in Europe and in Brazil created with the aim of supporting the development of successful business relations between the European Union and Brazil and at the same time promoting political and cultural links.

It brings together key stakeholders including European and Brazilian corporate executives, key members of the European Institutions, of the European Parliament and Brazilian National Congress as well as academics all directly involved with the decision-making process within the strategic EU-Brazil partnership.