Direct Investment of BRICs in Europe reaches record heights



Direct Foreign Investment (FDI) in Europe from the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) reached a record high in 2013. China led among the BRIC countries with the number of investments, with 153 FDI projects and 7,135 jobs being created. Then follow India (103 projects), Russia (44 projects) and Brazil (13 projects).

The statistics come from the study recently published by Ernst & Young, showing that last year, Europe attracted 313 projects by firms based within the group of the four emerging nations, a growth of 28% in comparison to 2012 (245).  Employment created by the BRICs firms in Europe reached 16,900, an increase of 37%.

The rapid growth of these emerging economies also resulted in an increase in the number of multinationals in these countries, explains the study. As a result, investment promotion agencies from various European countries advanced their efforts to attract multinationals from the emerging countries.

The growth of FDI originating from the BRICs has not expanded, however, the number of countries in Europe that receive these investments. Germany and the United Kingdom continue capturing a large proportion of investments and in 2013, were able to account for 62% of all projects.

Read the complete study:$FILE/EY-2014-European-attractiveness-survey.pdf