EUBrasil launches “Friends of EUBrasil” – a networking event

EUBRASIL-EVENT-STAMPThe EUBrasil Association is to hold its first networking event on June 11th in Bruxelles. “Friends of EUBrasil” will bring together some of the key stakeholders involved in the relationship between Brazil and the European Union (EU). Representatives of the European Institutions, diplomats, business leaders and academics will be present at the event supported by the Brazilian Embassy in Brussels.

“Friends of EUBrasil” aims at providing the opportunity for these professionals to meet periodically to exchange information and identify common interests in a casual Brazilian style atmosphere.

“We want to create informal opportunities for these individuals to meet and exchange ideas and ideally find common projects”, says Luigi Gambardella, president of EUBrasil.

“Relations between Brazil and the European Union are getting stronger due to the trade volume, as well as the flow of investments: the EU is the largest direct investor in Brazil and also the main destination for Brazilian investments abroad, thus making it imperative for us to organise more events and create opportunities for these two global players”, adds Gambardella.

The event will be opened by His Excellency the Brazilian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, André Amado and the president of EUBrasil.

Brazil-EU partnership in numbers: The EU remains Brazil’s main trading partner. More than 20% of Brazil’s exports go to the EU and more than 21% of Brazil imports come from the EU. Brazil represents 2.2% of EU trade with the world and is ranked 8th among EU trade partners, immediately after Japan and above India. The EU is the first receiver of Brazilian Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and remains the biggest foreign investor in Brazil with growing importance of China in Brazil confirming a general trend in Latin America.

About EUBrasil: The EUBrasil Association, based in Brussels, is the only private networking platform in Europe and in Brazil created with the aim of supporting development of successful business relations between the European Union and Brazil and at the same time promoting political and cultural links.

It brings together key stakeholders including European and Brazilian corporate executives, key members of the European Institutions, of the European Parliament and Brazilian National Congress as well as academics all directly involved with the decision-making process within the strategic EU-Brazil partnership.