Brazilian industry and government are skeptical about agreement EU-Mercosur

Some sectors of the Brazilian industry and government would be skeptical about the conclusion of a free trade agreement between Mercosur and European Union in 2014. The Brazilian financial daily Valor Econômico says that one of the obstacles would be the real capacity of the EU to reach a good offer in the agricultural area, which is one of the subjects of greatest interest of the South American bloc.

The renewal of the European Commission’s command in the second half of this year would be another point of concern, because it would take time before the Brussels institutions work at full steam. Moreover, the European negotiators would be more attentive to a transatlantic trade and investment agreement with the United States. Observers still suggest the presidential elections to be held in Brazil and in Argentina in the second semester of the year as obstacles to the conclusion of the negotiations in 2014.

Source: Valor Econômico