“The EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership: Realities and Potentials”: working documents #2 – Author: Renato G. Flôres Jr

CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies), in cooperation with FRIDA and EUBrasil, organized the event “The EU-Brazil Strategic Partnership: Realities and Potentials” in Brussels, offering an in-depth analysis of the current state and prospects of development of relations between the European Union and Brazil.

This event was the conclusion of a project which has been examining the EU-Brazil relationship from different point of views: the result is a complete analysis of this test case, that gathers several working documents presented during the event.

This week, EUBrasil has the pleasure to suggest you “In Search of a Feasible EU-Mercosul Free Trade Agreement”, written by Renato G. Flôres Jr, Professor, Graduate School of Economics/EPGE, and Head, International Intelligence Unit/IIU, both at Fundação Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro.

This paper aims at identifying ways to pursue the EU–Mercosul negotiations leading to a free trade agreement (FTA). After reviewing their already long history, it outlines a basic framework, in goods, services and other themes, judged possible. The main point is that, given the prevailing conditions on both sides, an agreement to be signed within a reasonable time must be modest, i.e. along the described lines. It then clearly sets up the decisions confronting the negotiators: either to pursue the modest, feasible option or to terminate negotiations under the FTA heading. The latter, however, does not imply an end to the dialogue. Many actions and measures may be taken – which are easier to discuss and fix – that could pave the way for, in due time, a closer-to-ideal FTA to be considered again. These are the subjects of a last section.

Please click here to download the document: http://www.ceps.be/book/search-feasible-eu-mercosul-free-trade-agreement

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