Become a member of EUBrasil

Become a member of EUBrasil

We hope you have enjoyed attending EUBrasil events and reading the reports we have published over the last year.  As you may know, EUBrasil is a membership-based organisation, and our members enjoy unrestricted access to our events and publications.

We would like to invite your company to become one, because as of 2011 we will be operating a stricter membership policy. Our memberships are organisation-based, allowing you and all of your colleagues to enjoy all our high-level activities.

For a full overview of all the EUBrasil membership and activities, see the presentation below.

We look forward to involving you and your colleagues in our 2011 calendar of activities.

If you have any queries regarding membership, please contact – Franco Perroni –

EUBrasil is a Brussels based non-profit-making association created with the aim of supporting the development of fruitful business, political and cultural links between the European Union and Brazil.

Major EUBrasil Objectives

  • To promote strong and harmonious bilateral dialogue between economic and political actors of Brazil and EU.
  • To seek out solutions for the structural obstacles inherent to the relations between the EU and Brazil.
  • To promote the economic, cultural and social cooperation.
  • To support the governmental initiatives having as scope the creation of an Association Agreement and a free trade zone and between the EU and Mercosur.
  • To develop a political communication that allows the substantiation of Brazilian interests in the EU and vice versa.


Major EUBrasil Activities

  1. To create the EUBrasil Business Round Table around which top political and economic actors, European and Brazilian, could meet and discuss.
  2. To analyze the evolution of the bilateral dialogue and to propose new measures of cooperation between the two communities during the official meetings.
  3. To create a strong net of associations of professionals and experts, European and Brazilian, concerned or interested in promoting the bilateral cooperation.
  4. To promote common programs that can benefit from European cooperation initiatives and, particularly, those regarding research and development.


EUBrasil sets out to enhance bilateral dialogue between the two partners by, among other measures, establishing a communication forum bringing together all the interested stakeholders, promoting bilateral research programs, meetings and cooperation initiatives at multi-levels.

Membership of EUBrasil is open to:

- Brazilian and European companies

- Parliamentarians and elected officials
- Experts and academics          

EUBrasil Board
Luigi Gambardella, President
Ricardo Castanheira, Board Member on behalf of Microsoft
Fabio Colasanti, Board Member
Fernando de Almeida, Board Member
Antonio Manuel Robalo de Almeida, Board Member on behalf of Portugal Telecom                                                                                                            

Javier Santiso, Board Member on behalf of  Telefónica     

Alfredo Valladão, Board Member

Other Assignment


Franco Perroni, Relations with European Institutions and the Brazilian Congress


EUBrasil Advisory Board

Alfredo Valladão, President
Carlo Binetti, Member, Economist, Paris
Lourdes Casanova, Member, INSEAD Paris
Renato Flores, Member, FGV Rio de Janeiro

Paolo Guerrieri, Member, Università di Roma

Georges Landau, Member, FAAP São Paulo

Andrés Malamud, Member, Universidade de Lisboa

Pedro da Motta Veiga, Member, CINDES Rio de Janeiro
Detlef Nolte, Member, GIGA Hamburg

Sandra Polónia Rios, Member, CINDES Rio de Janeiro

Victor do Prado, Member, WTO Geneva
Vera Thorstensen, Member, FGV São Paulo

Ramón Torrent Macau, Member, Universidad de Barcelona
André Urani, Member, IETS Rio de Janeiro

Honorary Members  (Members of the European Parliament)


Antonello Antinoro, Italy, EPP Group
Hans van Baalen, The Netherlands, ALDE Group                                                

Ivo Belet, Belgium, EPP Group
Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos, Portugal, S&D Group
Sergio Cofferati, Italy, S&D Group
Antonio F. Correia de Campos, Portugal, S&D Group

Viorica Dancila, Romania, S&D Group
Mario David, Portugal, EPP Group
Edite Estrela, Portugal, S&D Group

José Manuel Fernandes, Portugal, EPP Group

Ilda Figueiredo, Portugal, GUE Group
Robert Goebbels, Luxembourg, S&D Group                                               

Nathalie Griesbeck, France, ALDE Group                                                 

Wolfgang Kreissl-Doerfler, Germany, S&D Group                                  

Barbara Matera, Italy, EPP Group
Nuno Melo, Portugal, EPP Group

Emilio Menéndez del Valle, Spain, S&D Group                                                         
Vital Moreira, Portugal, S&D Group, Chairman of the International Trade Committee 

Maria do Céu Patrão Neves, Portugal, EPP Group

Gianni Pittella, Italy, S&D Group, 1st Vice-President of the European Parliament
Vittorio Prodi, Italy, S&D Group

Csaba Tabajdi, Hungary, S&D Group
Britta Thomsen, Denmark, S&D Group                                                         

Renate Weber, Romania, ALDE Group

Luis Yáñez-Barnuevo García, Spain, S&D Group, Chairman of the Mercosur Delegation                                                        

EUBrasil Business Members




Portugal Telecom